About Us

RSA 2020 Public Services is a research and policy development hub created from the legacy of the 2020 Public Services Trust in early 2011. We specialise in research into long term, strategic options for public service and local government reform.

The UK’s model for public services is under huge pressure as a result of spending cuts, rising demand pressures and a continuing focus on providing costly crisis-point services. Yet we believe that even in this context, it is possible to have public services that genuinely help citizens raise their aspirations and which build people’s capabilities, without creating a reliance on the state. To achieve this, we argue for a greater focus on demand management; preventative and innovative services; and devolving decision-making or co-creating services with local areas and local people.

We call this approach “social productivity”. We believe that it can not only reduce demand for welfare and other public services over time, but also substantively improve people’s outcomes and wellbeing and contribute to local economic growth and productivity.

RSA 2020 works with a range of national bodies including local authorities, public sector bodies, businesses and the third sector to put this approach into practice. Click here for a list of our current partners.

For more information on our current work, please see our projects page.


“Working with RSA 2020 Public Services to develop the Cooperative Council Network has been a great experience for Oldham Council. They spent time understanding what we needed and listened to our views. It was important for Oldham that we were associated with a organisation of national importance with a track record of success. We were delighted with the outcomes and continue to work with the team at RSA 2020.”
Cllr Jim McMahon
Leader, Oldham Council

“RSA 2020 Public Services is one of the few go to places for intelligent and informed debate about the issues that matter around public service reform. The 2020 commission generated rich thinking and debate around how and where public services should be delivered. RSA 2020 has taken this, kept it alive and continued to challenge and inform policy and impact because it knows what it is talking about.  If the shape and future of public services matter to you, make sure you are a part of it.”
Dame Clare Tickell
Chief Executive, Action for Children

“I have followed with close interest the work of the 2020 Public Services Trust. It has tapped in (…) and helped to form a growing consensus across the political parties about the need for fairly fundamental change in the way services are delivered. When the histories are written, the role of the RSA and 2020PST in stimulating and helping to forge that growing consensus will be up there in lights.”
Rt Hon Francis Maude MP
Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General

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