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UniverCities: The Knowledge to Power UK Metros

14th October 2014 / Posted by Thomas Hauschildt

In the last RSA City Growth Commission report before the Commission’s Final Report is released on October 22nd, UniverCities makes recommendations for universities to enhance their economic impact on UK metros – our largest cities and their surrounding areas. 72 of the …

Powers to Grow

Powers to Grow: City Finance and Governance

8th September 2014 / Posted by Thomas Hauschildt

Powers to Grow: City finance and governance We suggest that metros have proved their economic worth. Our latest report, “Powers to Grow: City finance and governance” proposes that now is the time for central government to grant greater autonomy to …


Developing Socially Productive Places

22nd July 2014 / Posted by Thomas Hauschildt

Developing Socially Productive Places explores the relationship between the physical and social aspects of community-building and place-making. It invites local authorities, developers, communities and businesses to deepen their understanding of what makes places good for people in the long term. During …


Connected Cities – The link to growth

16th July 2014 / Posted by Thomas Hauschildt

We suggest how Government can enable metros can rise to the challenge of creating a fit-for-purpose UK infrastructure network, through fairer and more flexible funding, innovative planning and stronger engagement by city leaders in infrastructure decision-making. The City Growth Commission …

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Human Capitals: Driving UK Metro Growth through Workforce Investment

3rd July 2014 / Posted by Thomas Hauschildt

We suggest how economic growth can be strengthened in cities by focusing on addressing skills mismatches and in-work progression, with new powers and initiatives at the scale of metro labour markets. The City Growth Commission considers skills development and in-work …

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Event briefing: The future of public services

21st May 2014 / Posted by Atif Shafique

In November 2013, RSA 2020 Public Services hosted a three part series of invitation-only RSA roundtables on the future of public services, held in partnership with Collaborate CIC and the support of the Economic and Social Research Council. The roundtables …

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Event briefing: Local government structures: Learning from unitaries?

10th April 2014 / Posted by Atif Shafique

In December 2013 the RSA held a roundtable in partnership with Wiltshire Council that explored how local authority structure – whether unitary, district or combined authority – has major implications for accountability, service design, integration and economic development. The event …


Managing demand: Building future public services

25th February 2014 / Posted by Atif Shafique

A new report on managing demand for services by radically redefining the relationship between citizens, communities and services.

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Making the Connection: Local Post Offices as Community Enterprise Hubs

24th February 2014 / Posted by Claire Coulier

A new report exploring how Post Offices branches can become more socially entrepreneurial, supported by Post Office Ltd.

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Enlightening Professions? A vision for audit and a better society

12th February 2014 / Posted by Paul Buddery

A new report on the future of the audit profession and the public interest.

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