Connected Cities – The link to growth

15th September 2014 / Posted by Thomas Hauschildt

We suggest how Government can enable metros can rise to the challenge of creating a fit-for-purpose UK infrastructure network, through fairer and more flexible funding, innovative planning and stronger engagement by city leaders in infrastructure decision-making. The City Growth Commission …

Powers to Grow

Powers to Grow: City Finance and Governance

8th September 2014 / Posted by Thomas Hauschildt

Powers to Grow: City finance and governance We suggest that metros have proved their economic worth. Our latest report, “Powers to Grow: City finance and governance” proposes that now is the time for central government to grant greater autonomy to …


Developing Socially Productive Places

22nd July 2014 / Posted by Thomas Hauschildt

Developing Socially Productive Places explores the relationship between the physical and social aspects of community-building and place-making. It invites local authorities, developers, communities and businesses to deepen their understanding of what makes places good for people in the long term. During …

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Human Capitals: Driving UK Metro Growth through Workforce Investment

3rd July 2014 / Posted by Thomas Hauschildt

We suggest how economic growth can be strengthened in cities by focusing on addressing skills mismatches and in-work progression, with new powers and initiatives at the scale of metro labour markets. The City Growth Commission considers skills development and in-work …

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Event briefing: The future of public services

21st May 2014 / Posted by Atif Shafique

In November 2013, RSA 2020 Public Services hosted a three part series of invitation-only RSA roundtables on the future of public services, held in partnership with Collaborate CIC and the support of the Economic and Social Research Council. The roundtables …

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Event briefing: Local government structures: Learning from unitaries?

10th April 2014 / Posted by Atif Shafique

In December 2013 the RSA held a roundtable in partnership with Wiltshire Council that explored how local authority structure – whether unitary, district or combined authority – has major implications for accountability, service design, integration and economic development. The event …


Managing demand: Building future public services

25th February 2014 / Posted by Atif Shafique

A new report on managing demand for services by radically redefining the relationship between citizens, communities and services.

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Making the Connection: Local Post Offices as Community Enterprise Hubs

24th February 2014 / Posted by Claire Coulier

A new report exploring how Post Offices branches can become more socially entrepreneurial, supported by Post Office Ltd.

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Enlightening Professions? A vision for audit and a better society

12th February 2014 / Posted by Paul Buddery

A new report on the future of the audit profession and the public interest.

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Metro Growth: The UK’s economic opportunity

10th February 2014 / Posted by Jonathan Schifferes

The first output of the City Growth Commission, on why cities and their economic success matter to us all.

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