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People Powered NHS: a Power to Create discussion paper

31st October 2014 / Posted by admin

Personalisation has transformed lives, empowering thousands to design social care that fits their needs and aspirations.  People who make long term use of social care have repeatedly demonstrated over the past two decades that they are often better than highly …

Public Services and Equality: Why they matter, and why we need a new approach

22nd July 2013 / Posted by Claire Coulier

A thinkpiece on equality of opportunity by RSA 2020 Associate Henry Kippin.

Discussion Paper – Equalities Policy Under the Coalition: Time for a New Approach?

1st June 2011 / Posted by Holly

  What’s the difference between fairness and equality?   Would a capabilities approach provide a means of moving beyond existing disagreement?   Why should we care?   In the first of our discussion papers series, RSA 2020 argues that the time is …

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