A collaborative approach to policy: A case study of the Zero Carbon Hub

This case study was conducted by the RSA 2020 at the request of the Zero Carbon Hub and the NHBC (National House-Building Council) as co-sponsors of a wider research project on the role of business in society. The project has looked into several case studies as part of its research base and aims to provide a lens through which to view current thinking about the new types of relationships between business, government, society and citizens. The full report will be published early in 2012; however, this case study report has been provided for use by the Hub and DCLG to provide an external review of the Hub and suggest what can be learned from the progress so far. The case study was conducted over several months and based on literature reviews and one-to-one interviews with members of the Hub Board, staff and members seconded to the Hub from other organisations. All quotes have been anonymised.

The report begins by establishing the policy drivers that led to a holistic review of UK building regulations, ensuring both reductions in greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from the housing sector and also preparation of the industry and market for change. Against this backdrop, the Government embarked on a series of policy consultations, which were important steps towards achieving the collaborative environment in which the Hub was established and the foundation for the Hub’s success to date in implementing zero carbon new home policy by 2016. The report focuses on three broad areas that significantly added value to the process and enabled much of the progress to date; context, vision and collaboration. The focus on these areas aims to draw out learning which could be used as guidance for DCLG in future application in other policy areas and to aid the Hub with strategic planning.

Read the full case study report.

Posted on 6th February 2012 by Heidi Hauf

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